New Instagram Account!

2017-06-29 13:51:28 by viqqah

Hey! How are you doing? I just wanted to post this quick notice to tell you I've created a new instagram account just for drawings. I'll be uploading (old) stuff everyday untill it runs out and new stuff every Tuesday! <3 

Thanks for reading, have a beautiful day <3 <3 


2017-06-11 10:36:32 by viqqah

So, I've decided that for a regularity issue I'm gonna post something every Tuesday, instead of just posting everytime I draw something. I think it's better this way, specially on Facebook, so people know when to expect things I guess. What do you think?

I'm also having second thoughts about the style (or multiple styles) I draw in. I'm not sure if it'd be better for me to keep this way, drawing whatever I feel like, or to make an effort and actually define one. I've read some articles and seen some people that talked about defining a style to gain more visibility, but I think by doing so you're limiting your capacity? I don't know, it wouldn't make me happy to force myself onto that.

If you're reading this, thank you and I'd like your opinion on this! :)


2017-05-14 11:50:05 by viqqah

So, here's the news. I've created a facebook page a little while ago and gotten almost 60 likes already so I'm very happy about it. Exams have been getting the worst of me though, I can't concentrate and I haven't been able to sit my ass still to study, plus I've got a couple of offers from friends and aquaintances to make illustrations (for free sadly, but hopefuly it will get me known a little better) one of those being an illustration about an article on roller derby in Argentina (my beautiful country) which I enjoyed making so much, as soon as the magazine is published I'll make sure to post the illustration here. 

So if you wanna follow me on facebook here's the link 

Thanks for reading, as always, and thank you for following me :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Exams >_<

2016-10-02 21:25:47 by viqqah

As soon as I finish my last exam I'm gonna get some shit drawn!