Entry #6


2018-02-20 14:49:08 by viqqah

To whomever might be reading, I'm going away from newgrounds for a while, probably more. I know I haven't been answering messages and I haven't posted any art in a long time but I keep posting stuff sometimes in my facebook and instagram pages. I stepped down from twitter, tumblr and deviantart aswell, since I can't really keep up with so many pages, draw and manage to study at the same time.

I love this place, but I find that I get much more exposure elsewhere. Thanks to everyone that's supported me this last years, I had good and bad experiences here, but I only take the good memories with me. If you're interested in my work you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, it'd be most appreciated. 

Love, Viqqah.


TL;DR: I'm going away, follow me if you wish


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